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Christian Education


The mission of the Christian Education Commission is to provide an environment that promotes spiritual development in both children and adults, following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ.






Christian Education at St. Peter's provides opportunities for instruction and fellowship to parishioners of all ages. Church School for children and adults is held weekly at 10:00 a.m. except for the summer months. A volunteer coordinates the program for the parish's children.

The Church School sponsors several events for the youth throughout the year including an annual hayride and cookout, a family craft day in December, a Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg hunt, and Youth Sunday. Outreach projects completed by Church School students have included conducting canned food drives, assembling Christmas Shoe Boxes for mission outreach, and preparing Christmas cards for the parish's shut-ins.

Summer Vacation Bible School is offered for one week in the summer. Our parents spend long hours planning and preparing for VBS. Beautiful and creative decorations always accompany the theme.

Adult Education focuses on a wide range of topics from scripture study, to a study of religions. Our adult education class has grown to an average attendance of over 20 people, under the leadership of Rector. We've enjoyed book discussion groups during the Lenten season.

The Alpha Program is a 10-week practical introduction to the Christian faith. Over 55 people have participated since February 2001. Attendees share fellowship, a meal, a talk, and a small group discussions. We are fortunate to have trained parishioners that lead our Alpha Program.

The Youth group is very active under strong adult lay leadership. It consists of 15 - 20 youth, grades 6 - 12. The group participates in monthly activities which have included Christmas caroling, ski trips, movies, weekend trips to ShrineMont and the annual youth mission trip. They raised their own support through yard sales, bake sales, congregational dinners, and a golf tournament. The youth assist with packing school supplies for the Back to School Fair, sponsored by Matthew's Haven, one of our Outreach ministries.


  • Children's Education - Our current programs include Sunday school, Nursery Care, Christmas Pageant, and Vacation Bible School. There are many opportunities to participate in these events on a one-time basis or on a longer commitment. Volunteering with the children of St. Peters is spiritually rewarding not only for the volunteer but for the children as well. 

    · Plan church school year, assigning dates for all events
    · Publicize church school events
    · Coordinate all plans/dates with rector and facilitator
    · Recruit teachers for each class (groupings may change according to numbers of children in each age range

    Church School
    Preschool & Kindergarten
  • 2nd - 5th 
    6th- 12th 
    · Select curriculum and order materials
    · Maintain accurate attendance records
    · Order church school pins for Youth Sunday
    · Be knowledgeable about and follow diocesan guidelines regarding child physical/sexual abuse. It is a requirement that all persons, paid staff or volunteer, who work with youth and children on a regular basis attend a Diocesan Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Workshop.

    Nursery Helpers - Adults and teenage youth volunteers to provide care to the little ones on Sundays and possibly during other events throughout the year. Parents who regularly use the Nursery will be placed on the rotation schedule. 
    • Coordinate weekly nursery schedule for both services, post schedule and submit schedule to parish administrator for         newsletter
    • Recruit and train nursery volunteers
    • Maintain child-safe environment in room
    • Order supplies if needed
    • Be knowledgeable about and follow diocesan guidelines regarding child physical/sexual abuse. It is a requirement that all persons, paid staff or volunteer, who work with youth and children on a regular basis attend a Diocesan Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Workshop.
    Palm Sunday Craft & Bake Sale - Children (and their parents) make crafts and bake food items which are then sold on Palm Sunday. This is a fundraiser for various mission and outreach projects.

    Christmas Family Craft Day - Children and their parents participate in this fun filled fellowship day of making Christmas ornaments. This event is held the first Sunday in December following the 11:00 a.m. service.



    Christmas Pageant

    · Assign roles
    · Schedule rehearsals as needed
    · Publicize event
    · Oversee all aspects of pageant
    · Maintain and store costumes







    Vacation Bible School - Coordinators, teachers, leaders and helpers are needed the 1st week of August each year. Pre-planning meetings begin in April and meet monthly through August. 

    Coordinate all aspects of Vacation Bible School
    Coordinate event with rector and facilitator
    Select dates/times
    Recruit teachers and helpers
    Select curriculum and purchase materials
    Plan daily schedule
    Coordinate snack/dinner
    Publicize event
    Be knowledgeable of and follow diocesan
    guidelines regarding child physical/sexual abuse     



    Adult Education - This group will provide long-range planning, visioning and developing a mission statement to facilitate continued spiritual growth. Commitment to reaching individuals, responding to their different gifts and needs and to encourage living a Christ-centered life. 45 minute Sunday morning offerings of Bible Study, lecture, discussions, and speakers of topics of interest to adults and the community. Although primarily lead by the Rector, volunteer "teachers" and leaders are needed. 

    · Select curriculum/topics for weekly adult education classes
    · Coordinate topics/schedule with rector and facilitator
    · Recruit leader/speakers
    · Schedule sessions
    · Publicize sessions
    · Order Materials

    Bible Study -Volunteer's to develop an ongoing series of small study groups.
    · Develop topics
    · Coordinate with rector and facilitator
    · Arrange for speakers/leaders
    · Schedule sessions and publicize
    · Order materials if needed

    Alpha - Enjoy dinner with a small group of individuals interested in discovering the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha is offered annually and is a 10-week session for approximately 2 hours a week. 
    · Coordinate dates with rector and facilitator
    · Order materials
    · Coordinate dinner
    · Publicize sessions

    Inquirers Class - A series of classes taught by the Rector to prepare those desiring confirmation, reception into the Episcopal Church from another faith tradition, or those who wish to renew their baptismal vows. Volunteers are needed to assist class meetings held at the church.
    · Plan program
    · Select dates and publicize
    · Order materials if needed


     Youth Sunday

    • Arrange date for Youth Sunday with Rector and Christian Education  Facilitator (usually the first Sunday in June)
    • Coordinate service with Rector and organist
    • Publicize event
    • Compile list of all graduating high school and college seniors and their college/career choices and provide to Parish Administrator for publication in The Keys
    • Remind Rector to purchase small gifts for all high school graduates
    • Contact all high school seniors and encourage them to give brief homily during Youth Sunday
    • Select church school youth to participate in Youth Sunday service as acolytes, sides men, oblations, readers, musicians, etc.
    • Coordinate church school certificates and make sure that attendance pins are purchased
    • Coordinate reception to honor high school graduates, church school students, and teachers