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Wedding Policy

Weddings will be celebrated for active members in good standing in the St. Peter's parish family, defined as "a registered member, or children of a registered member [or members], of St. Peter's Church who has participated regularly in the life of the parish for a period of at least six (6) months prior to the request and who supports financially the mission and ministries of the parish by means of an annual contribution"  (Adopted by the Vestry of St. Peter’s Church on February 20, 2012 and revised May 1, 2016).

For non-members who wish to be married at St. Peter's, the Rector will review each request and make a decision regarding the use of the facilities and staff. Only in very rare cases and for very good reason will such requests typically be approved. Premarital counseling is required, typically three sessions. All weddings must conform to the Canons of The Episcopal Church and The Diocese of Virginia, as well as all applicable state laws. Services must also conform to the Rubrics of The Book of Common Prayer. Questions regarding music, musicians, and the like can be answered at your first meeting with the Rector.

We realize St. Peter's is a lovely, historic Colonial church in a bucolic setting, and we appreciate your desire to have your wedding here. But if you are looking for a place like ours and find yourself unable to be married here, we suggest that you contact St. John's Church in West Point, Virginia. They maintain "Historic St. John's," their original church, located about ten miles north of West Point on Route 30. That church, built in 1734, is beautifully restored, heated and air conditioned, with good parking, separate restrooms and dressing rooms in an adjacent building, and a very nice pipe organ. Please contact Mr. Dal Perry at 804-843-2938, or visit them on the web at http://oldstjohns.org.

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